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Market research of agricultural machinery in Montenegro conducted

Adriatic Bridge Partners continues its successful cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management. For the needs of the Payment Directorate, the market for agricultural machinery and equipment was analyzed. As before, the goal of the research was to check current prices on the market and compare them with reference prices in the existing database. Activities included: • Collecting data from the market on the prices of agricultural machinery and equipment; • Collection […] Read More


Successfully completed the CAST project

The company Adriatic Bridge Partners successfully implemented the CAST project for the needs of The Montenegrin Science Promotion Foundation PRONA, which started in June 2021. With the successful management of the project, all activities were carried out and the planned results were achieved at the end of the project in which eight partners from Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, and Montenegro participated. The project was financed by the EU within the framework of […] Read More


MONTE SUPER 23 conference organized in Montenegro

One of the largest gatherings of physicists from all over Europe and the World was held in Montenegro from April 17 to 21, 2023. This was an opportunity to meet over 90 physicists from renowned universities and laboratories of the European Union and the World in one place. During February and March, the company Adriatic Bridge Partners actively participated in the organization of the event, through the preparation of the conference and logistics. The event […] Read More

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