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140 years of friendly relation between Montenegro and Japan

On the occasion of marking 140 years of friendly relations between Montenegro and Japan in Podgorica on 23.12.2022. a symposium was held in the large hall of the Ramada Hotel. They spoke at the symposium:
– Prof. Jovan Mirkovic – Welcome speech
– MSc Vukota Vukotic – History of the connection between Montenegro and Japan
– Prof. Sonja Tomović Sundic – Njegoš and Japan
– Dr. Nina Radulović – Bogisic’s General Property Code and Japanese Civil Law
– Predrag Stevovic – How we learn from each other in sports
The first contact between Montenegro and Japan was made in 1882 with the meeting of Prince Nikola and Prince Arisugawa, the administrator at the time of the Second Japanese Emperor Meiji.
In the end, the symposium was graced by the violinist Ana Rasovic, who performed a musical collage of Japanese, Montenegrin and classical themes.