Nations in Transit 2020 report – Freedom house

According to the latest Nation in Transit 2020 report by Freedom house, the most Western Balkans countries face mostly negative assessments related to the level of respect for human rights, rule of law or the promotion of democracy. This is […] Read More


Support measures by the Government of Montenegro to mitigate the effects of the covid-19 pandemic

As part of urgent business support measures, the Government of Montenegro has approved the creation of a new credit line through the Investment-Development Fund of Montenegro, which is intended exclusively for providing liquidity due to the rehabilitation of the consequences […] Read More


China – a chance for the region

China is one of the largest investors in the Central-Eastern Europe (CEE) region. Through the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, Chinese companies are building major infrastructure projects (Montenegro and Serbia), implementing cultural activities, offering state-of-the-art technologies and generating significant tourism revenue […] Read More


Public call for submission of application for the project ‘Communication and visibility activities for source separation schemes in 4 regions in Serbia’

The call for applications for the project ‘Communication and Visibility Activities for Source Separation Schemes in 4 Regions in Serbia’ is underway to seek to develop awareness of the needs for waste separation at the household level in Serbia. The […] Read More