Second public call for IPARD II support programme

Within the IPARD II program, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro – Directorate for payments, has issued a second public call for Measure 1 financial support: “Investments in the physical capital of agricultural holdings”, in total amount of 12 mill. EUR. Support funds from this call may be allocated to investments with a total value of eligible costs of EUR 10,000 to EUR 500,000. Financial support through this call is awarded at […] Read More


2020 Privatization Plan for Montenegro

The Privatization and Capital Projects Council (The Council) was identified the new 2020 Privatization plan for Montenegro. According to this plan, only method of classic privatization will be covered in the current year. In order to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of companies, stimulate foreign investment and entrepreneurship in all areas, increase the number of employees and improve living standards, the privatization plan for the current year will include privatization through sale of shares or […] Read More


New changes of Law on business organizations of Serbia

At the end of 2019, a new Law on business organizations was adopted in Serbia, introducing it as a new financial instrument for the first acquisition of ownership. This way, employees (as well as other stake holders) will have the opportunity to acquire a stake in the company on preferential terms. The way of acquiring a share will be done through the procedure of registration in the Central securities, depository and clearing house, whereby the […] Read More


China – a chance for the region

China is one of the largest investors in the Central-Eastern Europe (CEE) region. Through the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, Chinese companies are building major infrastructure projects (Montenegro and Serbia), implementing cultural activities, offering state-of-the-art technologies and generating significant tourism revenue for these countries. The Chinese market is open to CEE products, which may be of particular interest to Western Balkans countries. The Ningbo Expo Center recently showed interest in a number of Montenegrin products such […] Read More


Public call for submission of application for the project ‘Communication and visibility activities for source separation schemes in 4 regions in Serbia’

The call for applications for the project ‘Communication and Visibility Activities for Source Separation Schemes in 4 Regions in Serbia’ is underway to seek to develop awareness of the needs for waste separation at the household level in Serbia. The purpose of this project is to provide technical assistance in the preparation of a campaign to support national and local authorities in increasing waste recycling rates through the introduction of separate collection of household recycling […] Read More

Mini Schengen

‘Mini Schengen’ initiative

During the second meeting leaders of Albania, Northern Macedonia and Serbia, held on 10 November 2019 in Ohrid (North Macedonia), a principled agreement was reached on establishing a so-called: “mini-Schengen” area by which it is made possible free movement of people, goods, services, and capital between these countries. This initiative aims to better valorize the economic potential of the region and make this area more attractive for future foreign investment. It was agreed to introduce […] Read More

Db 2020

Doing Business 2020 list

According to the new World Bank Doing business 2020 list, which covered 190 counties, the top ten countries comes from Asia (five), Europe (four) and USA. In comparison with 2019 and 2018 reports there were no significant changes and some of the top five positions are reserved for the same countries. Doing business lists – Top ten Ranking DB 2020 DB 2019 DB 2018 1 New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand 2 Singapore Singapore Singapore […] Read More


Airports of Montenegro – public call for pre-qualification has been published

The Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs of Montenegro, has published a public call for the submission of pre-qualification applications for the award of the concession for Airports of Montenegro. The intention is to provide, through the award of the concession, the necessary valorization of Montenegro Airports in a long-term and sustainable manner that shall be in the interest of Montenegro and its further economic development. The procedure comprises of two-tier phase: Phase 1: Request […] Read More