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Investment plan in energy sector in Montenegro

In the coming period, significant investments are planned in the energy sector in Montenegro. Out of the total package of socio-economic measures, for the period of the next five years, investments in the energy sector are expected of around 734 million euros. This amount will include investments in new sources, revitalization of existing infrastructure, but also investments in small hydropower plants. It is estimated that, of the total amount, about 350 million euros will be contracted with companies in Montenegro.

During 2020, around 50 million euros are expected to be done in the electricity grid. This is especially applying for investments in the distribution network, which requires certain improvements in order to further eliminate unjustified losses. In addition, through new measures, special support is envisaged for the domestic economy to be able to provide services to energy companies, not only in the country but in the region. The final result of the planned investments will be an increase in electricity production in Montenegro for about 20 percent, but also a significant improvement in the quality of delivery, especially in rural areas.
Preparatory activities for the implementation of some very important projects for the energy sector in Montenegro are already underway, and this includes the following:

  • Ecological reconstruction of TPP Pljevlja and reconstruction of HPP Perućica, estimated value of EUR 41 million,
  • Construction of one of the largest solar power plants in this region, Briska Gora, with a capacity of 250 MW, the estimated value of 180 million euros,
  • Preparatory activities for the possible construction of WPP Gvozd 50 MW, the estimated value of 60 million euros,
  • Final activities on the preparation of the HPP Komarnica 171 MW, with a total value of around 272 million euros,
  • Commencement of works on the construction of WPP Brajići 100.1 MW, with a total value of 101 million euros.

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