Mini Schengen

‘Mini Schengen’ initiative

During the second meeting leaders of Albania, Northern Macedonia and Serbia, held on 10 November 2019 in Ohrid (North Macedonia), a principled agreement was reached on establishing a so-called: “mini-Schengen” area by which it is made possible free movement of people, goods, services, and capital between these countries. This initiative aims to better valorize the economic potential of the region and make this area more attractive for future foreign investment.

It was agreed to introduce a system that will allow citizens to travel between countries without visas, a joint work permit that would allow work in all three countries without additional procedures. Companies coming to one of the countries will not have to worry about the workforce, as they will be able to bring in the required workforce from all three countries without additional procedures. Free and rapid movement of goods will be encouraged through the introduction of twenty-four-hour working time of all inspection services with special emphasis on phytosanitary and veterinary inspection. It also envisages mutual recognition of professional qualifications within the Member States of the initiative, encouraging student exchange and launching joint research and development projects. In the field of tourism, every tourist who comes to one of the three countries will be able to visit the other two without additional procedures.

The meeting in Ohrid was also attended by representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, who have not yet joined the initiative.

Adriatic Bridge Partners is able to provide all additional information to interested investors how to use the business benefits planned by this initiative.

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