Second public call for IPARD II support programme

Within the IPARD II program, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro – Directorate for payments, has issued a second public call for Measure 1 financial support: “Investments in the physical capital of agricultural holdings”, in total amount of 12 mill. EUR.

Support funds from this call may be allocated to investments with a total value of eligible costs of EUR 10,000 to EUR 500,000. Financial support through this call is awarded at the rate of 60% of the eligible costs approved. For holders under 40 years of age, the value of support can be up to 65% of eligible costs, while for farms located in a mountainous area the value of support can be up to 70% of approved eligible costs.

The means of support under this call may be used to produce primary agricultural and fishery products in the following agricultural sectors:

  • Milk production,
  • Production of meat,
  • Egg production,
  • Production of fruits, vegetables and arable crops,
  • Viticulture,
  • Olive growing,
  • Beekeeping,
  • Fisheries (mariculture and aquaculture).

Measure 1 support funds may be used by legal and natural persons, agricultural holdings that are registered and fulfill the conditions prescribed by law, regulation and this public invitation.

All interested registered farmers can submit their applications by May 19th of the current year.

ADRIATIC BRIDGE PARTNERS have extensive experience in preparing applications for IPARD programs and can greatly facilitate your application process.

If you have any questions please contact us at: office@adriaticbridgepartners.com